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plating thickness determinationDestructive Plating Thickness Determination

This test is used to determine the thickness of plated layers. It is routinely completed by taking a cross section of an article, mounting it in resin and then grinding and polishing it. The cross section is then examined using an optical microscope and the plating thicknesses measured in micrometers using a video Calder on a monitor screen. Photographs can also be used. Such methods are also used to examine and record suspect hallmarks.

Non Destructive Plating Thickness Determination

This test is carried out using X-Ray Fluorescence analysis. The test can establish plating specifications, for example: -

  • Layer thickness
  • Composition
  • Material Conformity
  • Articles of all shapes and sizes in both precious and non precious metal coatings on metallic and non-metallic substrates can be measured.
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